Online Casino - Is it Legal?

  • Jun 17, 2020

So, when it comes to online casino is it legal? There is, of course, a natural skepticism about the subject of gambling, let alone the prospect of taking part in it online. Here we discuss all the legal undertakings which take place before and during the business practice of an online casino so you can learn more.

Facts About Casinos

When it comes to the creation of a website, it’s not just a simple case of developing the product and releasing on to the Internet in the hope millions will discover the website and begin playing. Getting a casino up and running is a process that can take years and there are many legal tasks that must be undertaken if the casino is to be merited as a legitimate and competent provider.

To help you gain access to South Africa’s current best casinos online, then over here, you will find your top 10 to pick from. These are fully approved, legal and certified casinos that are open on the SA market and here is how they were able to get into the position they find themselves in now.

Getting Better Online Gambling Service

All the best online casinos follow a strict formula to be able to get where they are, and it all begins with having the correct legal backing once their casino has been designed and created.

In order for a casino to be published online and work as a service to players, a casino must become licensed to be able to register as a fully legal gambling service. The casinos making up the top ten list are examples of those which have gone about the right processes of acquiring a licensed from a governing gaming or gambling authority and have sought the legal right to provide services within countries that have strict gambling laws.

Each one of these casinos holds an online gambling license which the authorities and commissioning bodies issue upon completion of assessments and checks against the websites business.

Once these licensed are issued, casinos must then go through a regulatory check to be sure that the services they are offing are of a standard that offers players a secure platform to gamble from and that the games offered to consumers are fair. The checks and approval are carried out by further independent bodies which issue them an approved certification declaring them to be an online casino that meets the standards set out by law and industry.

Once a casino has all these measures checked and approved, it can then approach online commissions in other countries to provide their product. So, in the case of South Africa, if a casino that was licensed and registered in Europe wanted to provide its casino to the players of South Africa, the laws would have to be met first, which in these top 10 cases, they are. They will then seek the approval of the National Gaming Board and commence providing a service to players.

Benefits of Gambling Online

The measures of getting a casino online are long and time-consuming and it’s all for the benefit of those which use the platform. Before the casino is released onto the Internet, the security is checked first, so you as a player will have no doubt as to the standards of protection against you, your data and banking information. Further to the check on service, you can be assured that all games are tested and thereafter, continue to be randomly tested to make sure games are not privy to faults or bugs disrupting the opportunities for players to win.

You have the luxury of peace of mind knowing that the fundamental basics of how a site, in the minds of players, should be are met and further standards are exceeded. Players can access casinos from their mobile, new players get exclusive free bonuses, casinos offer out plenty of bonus promotions, you can access slots, card games, live dealer tables, sports betting and local supported banking where all wins are paid in ZAR currency.

In short, yes, online casino is legal, especially picking from a list of sites such as those in the top 10 linked above.